Here are some of the benefits that Roseburg Roofing Company provides:

  • The best workmanship warranty in the business: We offer 5 – 10 year workmanship warranties. We also offer factory warranties from the manufacturer.
  • Competitive Pricing: At Roseburg Roofing Company, we take extra steps to ensure competitive pricing. Houses are measured to the nearest 3 inches, not the nearest foot and waste is kept to a minimum. Materials are purchased in large lots, taking advantage of volume pricing.
  • QC Program: All personnel, in the field and in the office, recognize the importance of a quality product and work together to get the job done right. Our quality control program includes a thorough check of the roof, flashing and grounds so that any possible oversight can be found and corrected by Roseburg Roofing Company personnel.
  • Safety Program: Safety for our workers and those around them is of the utmost importance to us. Monthly safety meetings, spot inspections and incentives for continued compliance are all included in our OSHA approved Safety Program.
  • Scheduling: Roseburg Roofing Company recognizes that scheduling is a top priority. Our crews show up on time and complete your job in an efficient manner.
  • Service/Repair Department: We have highly trained and experienced service personnel to ensure that if your roof is damaged we can correct the program quickly.